REFLEX - Hydropneumatic Tank

G 600 (8522605)

Pressurisation systems have a central relevance in heating and cooling circuits and must essentially fulfil three fundamental tasks:

1. Maintaining the pressure within permissible limits at every point of the system, that is, the permissible working pressure must not be exceeded as well

as maintaining a minimum pressure to prevent vacuum, cavitation and evaporation of the system liquid, e.g. in circuits with superheated water, solar


2. To prevent a negative pressure at the highest points of the installation in order to avoid the intrusion of air into the piping network

3. Compensation of volume fluctuations of the heating or cooling water due to temperature fluctuations.

4. Providing a water seal to prevent system-related water losses.


• For heating and chilled water applications

• Replaceable bladder, according to DIN EN 13831 norm part 3,

max. operating temperature 70°C

• Meets or exceeds EC norms for pressure vessels 2014/108/EG

• Inspection opening (Above 1000 litres Ø 1000 mm)

• Factory-mounted pressure gauge

• Threaded connections up to 1000 litres

• Flanged connections above 1000 litres

• 3000 to 10000 litres with upper flange

• Durable epoxy coating with attractive new colour

• Factory pre-pressurised gas chamber (Nitrogen)

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Dimensions (mm):
740 x 1718 x 146
Pre-charge pressure bar:


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