TURBOMAX - Air Foil Bearing Turbo Blower

Turbo Power

Turbo blower is a single stage centrifugal compressor which produces low pressure compressed air through directly connecting the impeller to the high speed

PMSM(Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) with the non-contact air bearing.

The rotation speed is varied by the VFD to control the flow or the pressure and the controller has an easy interface touch screen HMI built in the sound proof enclosure package.

TurboMax blower will reduce your power cost by 20-40% compared to traditional blower and provide clean and quiet working environment.


Energy Saving:

• Reduce energy consumption by 20-40% compared to

traditional products

• Regain initial investment in a short period of time : 2~3year

• Designed to operate at high speed with high efficiency

• Direct connection to minimize the energy transfer loss

User Friendly:

• User friendly touch screen


• Automatic operation mode

• Low noise and No vibration

• Oil free lubrication system

Simple Maintenance & Easy Installation:

• Periodic filter change is only


• Automatic error and protection


• Low maintenance cost

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