At the heart of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, a range of pumps can be used. Typically classified according to the processes involved in the HVAC systems, suitable equipment is integrated. Today, the centrifugal pump is most integrated into the HVAC system. It plays an essential role in supporting the operations of the cooling towers, hydronic distribution system, and domestic water system. Amongst the marine centrifugal pump types, the bilge pump is the most popular. Playing an important role in the operations of a marine vessel, a bilge pump optimises the removal of large volumes of liquids that run into the bilge wells.

ESC Series

The single stage, horizontal Split casing and double suction impeller with in-between bearing design enable pumps to run with little vibration silently. The combined use with a dynamically balanced impeller significantly extends the pump’s life, increasing MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure). This also enables the pump to be horizontally and vertically mounted, saving space.


Cooling Tower & HVAC

Agriculture and irrigation

Fire fighting

Water Supply (Municipal)

Ship and Marine Building

Power Plants

EU Series

An all-purpose industrial centrifugal pump consisting of single stage, end suction and volute, with a feature known as the Back Pull-Out (BPO) to ease disassembling. With five standards bearing frames and three extra-strength bearing frames to reduce stocking, the product specifications and performance are designed in adherence with the EN733/DIN24255 (VDMA 24278), European Union, and Germany machinery directive.


Cooling Tower & HVAC

Fire Fighting and Fire Protection

Pressurization Set and Booster

Marine – Bilge & Ballasting

Agriculture & irrigation

Ventilation, air-conditioning and heating

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Winston Engineering supplies EUROFLO bilge pumps that can be used for commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial processes – it is also used in the Food and Beverage and petroleum industries in Singapore and beyond. Contact us for more information on centrifugal pumps, bilge pumps, construction budget, and available configurations. Backed by decades of experience, our team of engineers will design and recommend the HVAC system to meet your objectives.   

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Direct Coupled with Engine or Electrical Motor, Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Mounting Bare Shaft
Starting from 150m up to an optional 180m
Maximum Operating Pressure:
Operates up to a maximum of 24 bar
Standard range starting from -10°C up to 105°C Optional choice of up to 150°C
Variable Speed:
Speed range 1450rpm to 2950rpm (50hZ) 1750rpm to 3550rpm (60hZ)
Optional: ANSI B16.5B Standard: DIN 2501 RF ; PN 10 Optional: PN 16
Diameter Nominal:
50 - 1000 ; 32 - 400


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