BLACOH - Pulsation Dampeners

Positive displacement pumps create destructive pulsation and hydraulic shock due to the reciprocating nature of their stroking action, potentially damaging piping and system components. SENTRY Pulsation Dampeners and Surge Suppressors remove virtually all system shock, enhancing the performance and reliability of fluid flow in municipal, industrial, sanitary and chemical transfer applications. SENTRY Inlet Stabilizers minimize pressure fluctuations and acceleration head losses by preventing fluid column separation at the pump’s inlet.

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Positive displacement pump discharge sizes:
from 1/8” (3.18mm) to 6” (152.4mm)
Temperature ranges:
from -60 °F to +400 °F (-51 °C to + 204 °C)
Custom models available up to 100 gallons (378.5L) & 25,000 psi (1,724 bar). The patented “J” Model air control allows for pressure or vacuum settings and is adjustable for suction lift or positive inlet pump conditions. (US Patent 6,089,837)

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