ABB - ABB Smart Sensor


* 24/7 system monitoring of pump health

* Cost effective

* FREE quarterly pump health report

* NO wiring required

Monitoring the health of pumps

ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor is a brilliant sensor that reduces threats relating to operating and maintaining a pump operation system. It works by recognising operational flaws within said system, transforming conventional pumps into smart wireless devices, which can be remotely controlled through a gateway device or a smartphone.

The smart sensor enables daily round the clock monitoring of essential operating limits of the pump, like temperature and vibration, to compute health indicators of the pump. These indicators are paramount for understanding the pump’s condition and performance, such as predicting pump failure through the early detection of faulty operating systems like blade problems, looseness, bearing failure, unbalanced or overheating.

Better safety and reliability

Pumps that are operated in hazardous environments or remote, inaccessible locations threaten the workplace's safety and service engineers across the various industries in Singapore. They are also more vulnerable to malfunction due to poor or lack of maintenance. Through remote monitoring of the pump from a smart device, users now can transfer the data online and into their cloud, monitoring the health of its pump regardless of time and place and scheduling maintenance only if it deems necessary. Having the device attached to the equipment directly and monitoring the pump health from afar secures the workplace, is time-efficient and enhances dependability.

With early identification of pump inefficiencies, loss of productivity costs gets significantly reduced due to the prevention of unexpected downtime and a significant reduction in repair or maintenance costs. Early identification not only prolongs the equipment life but also secures the safety of the work environment. 

For more information on how to purchase your very own ABB AbilityTM Smart Sensor, do not hesitate to contact our staffs, who are ABB representatives in Singapore, to assist you. 

Centrifugal or vortex pump
Dimensions (mm):
16 x 130 x 76.7 mm
Available certificates:
1879 FCC, CSA, CE
Power Supply:
Power supply over ethernet port
IP Class:


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