Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Pumping water from sump or pit

Ideal for use in drainage and irrigation, our submersible pumps in Indonesia deliver reliable results every time.

Submersible pumps, manufactured in Indonesia, Singapore, and china, are engineered for full functionality while immersed in liquid. Both the pump and motor of these machines are sealed in a way that prevents any liquid seeping into the mechanisms. TheseĀ pumps are cost effective to install and allow for greater utilisation of floor space, in addition to being quieter than pumps featuring above-grade motors.

Lighter submersible pumps for domestic or commercial use in Indonesia often feature plastic construction. For industrial use, they are comprised of heavier materials to handle corrosive or abrasive applications. Installation of these products also covers drainage and water supply applications, while possessing the capacity to act as a centrifugal sewage pump.
Our engineers design and manufacture submersible pump to be as economical and utilitarian as possible. Cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly into your system are a promise when you work with us in Indonesia and beyond.


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