Air Blower

Air Blower

Supplying air for aeration and mixing application

All roots blowers available through us in Indonesia and across South East Asia are verified for optimum levels of safety and efficiency. Roots blowers manufactured by us can be designed for adaption into various industries and purposes in Indonesia. Sectors which widely utilize these roots blowers in Indonesia and beyond include: electricity power plants, chemical, fertilisers, steel plants, oxygen production, cement plants, textiles, pulp and paper, aquatic farming, sewage treatment. The main feature of the three lobe rotor is meant for higher efficiency as well as noise reduction.

Turbo Blower, the next generation in blower technology which is efficient and quiet. Turbo Blowers produce compressed air and is directly connected to a highly efficient permanent magnet motor that is operated by a VFD. The highest efficiency blower technology out there with minimal maintenance due to its rotating shaft is levitating during operation. Simple plug-and-play installation as no need for extra lifting devices, special foundations or time-consuming alignment procedures.

A side channel blower transports air or gas by rotating a fan with many blades through a close narrow fitting pump house at high speed. The pressure in the channel is intensified by a turbulent stream in the radial channel. By using this method, the side channel blower is able to build a great differential pressure between in- and outlet. The burden on the drive increases as the built-up pressure, depending on the system resistance, increases.

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