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Gear Pump

Gear pump in Malaysia

Gear pumps are compact and simple with a limited number of moving parts. They are unable to match the pressure generated by reciprocating pumps or the flow rates of centrifugal pumps but offer higher pressures and throughputs than vane or lobe pumps. Winston engineering is manufacturing and supplying high-quality gear pimps in Malaysia. Visit us here https://www.winstonengineering.com/my

Where are gear pumps used?

Gear pumps are commonly used for pumping high viscosity fluids such as oil, paints, resins, or foodstuffs.
Gear pumps are self-priming and can dry-lift although their priming characteristics improve if the gears are wetted. The gears need to be lubricated by the pumped fluid and should not be run dry for prolonged periods. Some gear pump designs can be run in either direction so the same pump can be used to load and unload a vessel.

Can a gear pump be used for water?

The gear pump may be in style selection for several applications. They aren't continually used for water, though. They are utilized in the organic compound and chemical industries and build nice pumps for hydraulic applications. They can be used for viscous and aggressive fluids. Choose Winston Engineering, the gear pump expert in Malaysia.

Types of gear pump

There are two types of gear pumps – external gear pumps and internal gear pumps. External gear pumps build use of 2 external opposing gears (typically spur gears) in transferring the fluid sort.

Internal gear pumps use one outer ring gear and one internal pinion gear running within the ring gear.


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