Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical injection skid

Skid system that’s injecting precise rate of flow and pressure
chemical injection skid is a device or equipment used along with pumping systems to inject chemical into the stream at precise flow rates and pre-set pressures. The equipment consists of a pump, a tank strainer, a calibration gauge, a pulsation dampener, pressure gauges, and other flow rates indicators. The material used for constructing a chemical injection skid depends on the chemical that is being used.
injection may function continuously or intermittently, and it can be used in a wide range of settings for many different purposes in marine and offshore industry.
The most common application for the chemical injection skid is in drinking water treatment in municipal water supply facilities. They are also used in waste water treatment facilities and also in various industrial and commercial water treatment applications. Chemicals are often injected in water to control pH, control mineral fouling in mining applications, control bio fouling in some industries, and to increase solubility limits.


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