Air Diffuser / Aerator

Producing fine air bubble on liquid mixing application
REHAU fine-bubble membrane aerators/diffusers have been developed to provide aeration for the biological treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. The RAUBIXON pipe aerator system was specially developed for the fine bubble aeration of the wastewater/sludge mixture in biological cleaning stages.

RAUBIOXON Plus aerator with silicone membrane is recommended when long-term saving in power consumption and maintenance cost is required. Alternatively, for municipal wastewater application RAUBIOFLEX aerator with EPDM membrane is available for lower capital outlay.
Designed for continuous and intermittent operation, RAUBIOXON Plus and RAUBIOFLEX aerators are available in pipe and disc aerator with optional non-return valve and check valve.
The RAUBIOXON Plus disc aerator with silicone membrane is designed to offer lower maintenance and power consumption cost in both municipal and industrial applications. 


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