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Positive Displacement Pump

Positive Displacement Pump

Pumping more than just water 
A positive displacement pump refers to a type of pump which makes a liquid move from one source to another by trapping a fixed amount and displacing the trapped volume into a discharge pipe. They are able to pump viscous and non-viscous fluids, dispense precise volumes, achieve variable output rates for hydraulic systems and high-pressure but low-flow streams. They are useful in machines and systems across various industries.

If you are looking to incorporate positive displacement pumps into your systems, we are here to help. A pioneer pump solutions provider based in Malaysia, Winston Engineering carries a selection of positive displacement pumps that aim to help you transfer liquids with minimal leaks and costs.

Winston Engineering’s pump solutions are geared towards helping all users enjoy lower costs and higher efficiencies. Our positive displacement pumps come in different configurations and guarantee reliable and efficient pumping experiences. Choose Winston Engineering, the pioneer pump expert in Malaysia to gain access to fruitful solutions today.  


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