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Gear Pump Systems In Singapore

The best pump for simplicity and affordability 
A gear pump contains two internal gears that drive most of its functioning. Through the mechanical movement of these gears, vacuum pressure is generated that propels fluid movement through the pump.

Gear pumps are one of the simplest and most compact types of liquid pumps available, with fewer moving parts than other types of pump. Due to their compactness and simplicity, they can be serviced and repaired far more cheaply and easily.

Though they do not have the ability to equal the pressure produced by reciprocating pumps or the centrifugal pump’s flow rates, they do offer higher pressures and better throughputs than lobe or vane pumps.

The best pump for transferring oil and other viscous liquids
Though they can move water, gear pumps are most commonly used for pumping high viscosity fluids that other types of pumps have difficulty moving, as gear pumps are less affected by fluid density and viscosity. Examples of these fluids are oil, paints, resins, and foodstuffs. If your business specialises in any of these products, then gear pumps may be your best logistics solution!

Gear pumps are versatile as well
Gear pumps are also self-priming and have the ability to dry-lift, although wetting the gear beforehand improves its priming. Overall, though, the gears need to be lubricated by the pumped fluid and running them dry for prolonged periods of time should be avoided.

In addition to their low cost, ease of use, and allowance for viscous fluids, some gear pump designs have the capability to move liquid in either direction, adding to their versatility. For example, a single gear pump of this type can be used to both load and unload a vessel without needing to move the pump in any significant or time-consuming manner.

Quality Gear Oil Pumps Supplied in Singapore well
Gear pumps are a simple and effective solution when facing the need to transport liquids of greater consistency than water, or when one needs a low-cost but reliable pumping solution.

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