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Booster System

Booster Pump Systems in Singapore & APAC

Use of a Water Booster Pump

Maintaining water supply pressure automatically

When your water pumping system experiences fluctuation or insufficient water pressure, it’s an indicator you need a booster pump. A common centrifugal pump, a water booster pump system counters the low water pressure and volume of liquids that are flowing through a pre-existing pipeline. Employed in a myriad of applications, it provides the extra boost needed to bring your water pressure and flow rates to the desired level. Should the thorough investigation reveal that low water supply pressure is not due to clogged pipes, poor plumbing designs, or unadjusted valves, a booster pump is the best solution. Relying on impellers to draw liquids into the pump, only to boost its pressure, a water booster pump system pushes for the efficient movement of water from a storage tank to another location, throughout a whole house or commercial facilities.

Booster Pumps for Any Application

At Winston Engineering, we supply high-quality booster pumps to meet the extreme pumping needs of a range of industrial facilities and municipals. Renowned for providing stable water pressure, our pumps are commonly used in commercial buildings, construction and industrial sites, irrigation fields, wells, and even in some homes – especially apartments in high-rise buildings. A convenient and cost-effective solution, booster mechanisms do not require specialised parts to be integrated into an existing system. Available in both manual and automatic configurations, the latter work autonomously to maintain steady levels of water pressure.

Quality Water Booster Pumps Supplied in Singapore

Booster pumps supplied by Winston Engineering boasts a minimal long-term maintenance requirement when professionally installed by our team of expert engineers. This methodology of ours guarantees high efficiency, reliable performance, and optimal water pressure in any residential, commercial, or industrial context.

We take pride in serving a wide range of industries with our products, which is why our water booster pumps are designed to meet a variety of needs with no compromise on performance quality. Our pumps can be tailored to your needs with stringent quality testing, ongoing servicing, and technician training in our world-class facilities in Singapore, ensuring you get the most out of the equipment you source from us. Contact us for more information.


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