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An air compressor is a device primarily used to convert power (usually from a gas engine or an electric motor) to potential energy. It does this by sucking in consecutive volumes of air from the surroundings, then increasing each air volume’s pressure by reducing its size before transferring all the pressurised air to an air tank.

Compared to regular tools, air compressors in Singapore are much more powerful and do not require bulky motors. As it only requires a little bit of oil for maintenance, air compressors can power various tools using air pressure for maximum potential.

The best way to power your pneumatic tools and devices

This compressed air can then proceed to be used to power various pneumatic tools in Singapore and other parts of the world. In general, tools powered by compressed air are favoured over their electric counterparts since they are safer and lighter.

Air Compressor Servicing in Singapore


How Air Compressors Work

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An air compressor works by pushing air into a container and pressurising it. As pressure builds in the tank, the air is forced through an opening. As the compressed air is released, it can be converted into energy.

Electrical energy is converted into kinetic energy by an engine. An air compressor works similarly to a combustion engine, using a crankshaft, valve, piston, head and connecting rod.

Various tools can then be powered by pressurised air. Some examples of tools powered by an air compressor are impact wrenches, nailers, paint sprayers and sanders.

Air compressors in Singapore come in various types, each with its own specialities. Generally, there are not too many differences between the types of air compressors. All it comes down to is how the compressor handles air displacement.

Why Air Compressors Are Preferred

They are safer as they do not have the risk of electric shock or starting fires that electricity-powered devices have. In addition, they have fewer moving parts to contend with, making them lighter, more cost-efficient, and easier to maintain. This also means they can last longer than electric-powered devices. They are versatile, too, as they do not require a source of electrical power to run.

Thus, many industries highly value pneumatic tools and devices used in applications as varied as dental work, medical services, construction, manufacturing, dry cleaning, vehicular maintenance, and woodworking. Since pneumatic devices are powered by compressed air, each of these industries must also utilise air compressors.

Air compressors must undergo maintenance programs such as servicing, scheduled maintenance and predictive analysis with audit systems to achieve greater productivity.

Quality Air Compressors Supplied in Singapore

An air compressor is an absolute necessity when one wishes to take advantage of the ease and convenience of pneumatic powered devices. Thus, we at Winston Engineering are proud to supply you with the air compression technology that you need. You can browse our catalogue to find the machine that best fits your needs.

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Brand: Atlas Copco
End User: Prima Limited 
Location: Singapore
Year: 2024
Model: ATB15-500 

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