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Supplying air for aeration and mixing application

When you purchase a roots blower through us in Singapore and across South East Asia, they are first and foremost checked for prime levels of safety and competency. Capable of being designed to successfully adapt to a myriad range of purposes and industries in Singapore, these root blowers are widely used in sectors such as cement plants, steel plants, electricity power plants, pulp and paper, oxygen production, chemical sites, textile industries, sewage treatment plants, fertilisers, aquatic farming and many more. Higher efficiency and noise reduction is attainable as well given the three-lobe rotor feature of the roots blower.

The next generation of blower technology, the Turbo Blower, has the greatest efficiency, with its rotating shaft capable of levitating during operation, affording minimal maintenance. On top of this, it functions silently and its straightforward plug-and-play set up does not require any additional lifting instruments, dedicated foundations or laborious alignment procedures.

Using the rotation of a fan with many blades, a side channel blower can move air or gas through a tight, narrow fitting pump house at high speed. The steam in the radial channel further intensifies the pressure within the side channel. With this, the side channel blower can significantly create a great differential pressure between its inlet and outlet. Depending on the resistance of the system, the burden on the drive increases as the built-up pressure increases.

Choosing a root blower off the mass market can be daunting, especially if your industry requires a heavy-duty or customised roots blower based on specific working parameters. If that is so, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales consultants to know more about our customised solutions or to understand more about our available range of roots blower that are suited to your industry or company needs.


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