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Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump

Pumping water from sump or pit 

Optimal for use in sump drainage and irrigation, our catalogue of submersible pumps in Singapore are precisely engineered to deliver reliable results without fail.

Submersible pumps are engineered to fully function without fail while immersed in liquid. The interior mechanisms of these machines are sealed with the utmost care to keep the them dry and undamaged.

These pumps are inexpensive to install and allow for greater efficiency in floor space usage, in addition to creating less noise than pumps featuring above-grade motors. This allows submersible pumps to operate unobtrusively in the background, allowing people to work without undue distraction.

Submersible pumps for both lighter and heavier industries

Lighter submersible pumps for commercial or domestic use in Singapore are often made from plastic materials for ease of transport and installation. Submersible pumps meant for industrial purposes are comprised of heavier materials in order to handle contact with more abrasive or corrosive. Installing these products allows one to cover water supply and drainage applications, while also having the ability to function as a centrifugal sewage pump when needed.

Quality Submersible Pump Supplied in Singapore

Whether your needs involve sump drainage or irrigation, our submersible water pumps are the best option for your specific pumping needs. Our engineers design and construct submersible pumps to be as utilitarian and cost-effective as possible. Economical solutions that you can integrate into your system seamlessly and efficiently are a promise when you work with us in Singapore and beyond.

Winston Engineering is ready to serve as a supplier, installer, and servicer of submersible pumps for any purpose. Our team of professional engineers will ensure that your pumping needs are met with no compromise in quality.

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