Backed by decades of experience, Winston Engineering has built a renowned reputation as an industry-leading offshore and sea water pump system supplier throughout Singapore and eastern Asia for clients seeking pump solutions of any size and scope. Our range of inventory in Singapore caters to solutions for every purpose, from diaphragm pumps, water pumps to pneumatic pumps. From domestic or commercial use to industrial-grade - we can address all your needs.

Performing reliably and effectively, our team of engineers and machinists is dedicated to precision and our ability to deliver beyond expectations.


Pump Systems Supplier for Any Industry

Winston Engineering is a leading pump system supplier to industries throughout Singapore, Southeast Asia, and China. Our skilled engineers deliver the ultimate integrated solutions curated to your specifications. We combine innovative technology and our expertise to supply you with pumps and integrated systems that meet the highest safety level for a broad range of industrial applications.

Besides offshore pumps, Winston Engineering is also the leading seawater pump supplier in Singapore and APAC. Engineering purpose-built sea water pumps can be adapted to various applications on board a vessel and offshore structures. Winston Engineering strives to create end-to-end pump solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and performance.


Flexible Performance Capabilities

We supply a variety of pumps that can be used for many commercial and industrial purposes and are most extensively used within the marine and oil, and gas industries in Singapore and globally. This is where the importance of high-quality engineering at our company comes in.

With our professionals at hand, you can be assured that the systems we design will never let your operations down. Every job site is different - according to your requirements, we design, manufacture, and supply marine pumps from ideal materials that will morph to meet your operational needs. Our range of marine pumps can include centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, screw pumps, and more.

Offshore & Seawater Pump Supply for Any Industry

With over 40 years of experience behind us, we are confident we can design and manufacture your ideal seawater pump system with experience and expertise. We pride ourselves on our values, vision, and identity that drive us to accomplish our mission of supplying high-quality equipment that facilitates optimal operation.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the range of services we can provide to optimise your offshore and seawater pump systems, or more about working with Winston Engineering in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.


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