Chemical Injection Skid

Chemical Injection Skid in Singapore

Skid system that’s injecting precise rate of flow and pressure

There is a wide array of chemical pumps, one of those is metering pumps. A typical skid mounted pump comprises of a pumping unit, valves, strainers, filters, control panel, piping, and a driver. Along with a pumping system, a chemical injection skid is an equipment used to inject chemicals into the stream at explicit flow rates and predetermined pressures. Consisting of a tank strainer, a calibration indicator, a pump, pressure meters, a pulsation dampener, and other flow rates gauges, the chemical injection skid is dedicated to precision, measuring gas or liquid products, as well as flow rate. The construction of a chemical injection skid varies, as the material used will depend on the types of chemical that the industry utilises.

Metering Skids for Any Application

Custom chemical injection skids in Singapore tailored to your requirements

Functioning either continually or periodically, a chemical injection is highly versatile in that it is adept to various settings for various functions in the offshore and marine industry.

The metering skid is frequently used for the treatment of drinking water in municipal water supply facilities. Chemicals administered into the water serves to manage the pH level, mitigate biofouling in some industries, increase solubility limits and finally control mineral fouling in mining applications. They are also used in wastewater treatment facilities and also in various industrial and commercial water treatment applications.

At Winston Engineering, we design, build, and supply skids adapted to your specific requirements with complete adherence to all relevant local and international standards. With our end-to-end pump solutions, your projects will be seen to their completion with specialist engineers who are dedicated to delivering high-value services and customising chemical injection skids for organisations of all sizes and varying scopes in Singapore and beyond.

Quality Metering Skids Supplied in Singapore

Skid-mounted chemical injection systems with high accuracy and repeatability

Winston Engineering offers a custom solution with exceptional dosing accuracy for any chemical injection packages. Every component of the metering skid, from the mixers to the dosing pumps, are designed to support seamless integration regardless of application or specialisation. We supply skid mounted chemical injection skids throughout Singapore and APAC. Contact us for more information.


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