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Diaphragm Pump

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump (AODDP) in Singapore

A highly versatile type of pump, able to move nearby all kinds of liquid without needing electricity
AODD pumps (first invented by Jim Wilden in 1955) get frequently used for a wide variety of transfer applications, and has the ability to handle a range of substances including liquids with high solid content (e.g. construction sludge and slurries), semi-solids, as well as abrasive and shear sensitive substances.

They also have the advantage of being powered solely with compressed air, allowing their use in situations where electric power sources are not available, or nearby explosive or flammable substances.

A durable and reliable pump
In addition, diaphragm pumps contain fewer moving parts (e.g. pistons, rotors) which minimise the effect of wear-and-tear and allow for continued pumping efficiency over time, with minimal maintenance needed.

AODD pumps work through a core consisting of two diaphragms that function solely using compressed air. A shuttle valve that sends air alternates between the two diaphragms, with each diaphragm having its own set of ball check valves.

Overall, AODD pumps are reliable, robust, easy to service, and are affordable. They are often used as general-purpose devices within many different industries.

Quality Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps In Singapore
When you find yourself in a situation that precludes most electric-powered pumping solutions, or if you are simply looking for a robust and versatile pump that can be relied upon to do the job anywhere, our air operated diaphragm pumps are your best option.

Among our catalogue are several models from the respected Wilden brand, among others.

Winston Engineering is ready to serve as a supplier, installer, and servicer of diaphragm pumps for any purpose. Our team of skilled and professional engineers will ensure that your pumping needs are met with no compromise in quality.

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