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Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump in Singapore

The best option for when you want a partial vacuum for whatever purpose you require
A vacuum pump is a tool primarily used to create a partial vacuum. This is done by removing the vast majority of the gas molecules from a certain chamber or room, leaving behind an area of extremely low atmospheric pressure.

The method through which it does this is highly dependent on the type of vacuum pump being used. For example: liquid ring vacuum pumps use rotated impellers (propellors) and liquid to suck in gas molecules to achieve a vacuum, while dry screw vacuum pumps rely on two screw motors spinning in opposition, capturing and trapping molecules in-between to much the same effect.

Vacuum Pumps are a necessity in many industries
The formation of a partial vacuum is used in a wide variety of industrial and scientific processes, including: radiosurgery, radiotherapy, air conditioning services, trash compactors, fusion energy research, freeze-drying, dairy equipment (e.g. milking machines), product packaging, bottling, and dealing with highly explosive or toxic gases.

Thus, they are used in various industries in Singapore including electric power, petro-chemical, food & beverage, packaging, medical, sewage, wastewater treatment as well as OEM systems.

Quality Vacuum Pumps In Singapore

Winston Engineering provides 3 types of vacuum pumps in Singapore. These include the liquid ring vacuum, side channel blower as well as the dry screw vacuum pump. They are suitable for a range of vacuum requirements and industrial applications, with each type of vacuum pump being optimal for certain applications.

All vacuum pumps in our collection in Singapore are also composed of materials of the highest quality to allow for maximum efficiency and safety. You can survey our catalogue of vacuum pumps to find the right model for your business.

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