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High Pressure Cleaners

Find High Pressure Cleaners in Singapore

Looking for high pressure cleaners in Singapore? Winston Engineering has it.

Our collection of Jetmaster high pressure cleaners in Singapore are powerful, compact and ideal for small domestic cleaning jobs as well as bigger industrial projects for building and construction, marine, automotive, agriculture, chemical and other related industries. Our high pressure cleaners allow for a safer and more cost-efficient means of cleaning equipment in Singapore.

Pressure washing is more effective than regular washing as it uses mechanical pressure water to create a uniformed cleaning pattern that can clean flat surfaces with quick speed. Furthermore, it can be used to remove loose paint, grime, mould, dust mud and even chewing gum.

Our range of Jetmaster high pressure cleaners in Singapore come in various output powers from 1.8 KW to 2.9 KW and hose lengths of up to 8 m to allow for easy manoeuvring.


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