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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning Equipment in Singapore

Our products ensure a clean environment for the comfort of everyone

With the trade identity of Jetmaster, a well-known high pressure washer, our range of cleaning equipment are robust, small in size, and suitable for all cleaning jobs as well as more challenging industrial projects for automotive, chemical, agriculture, marine, building and construction, and various similar industries. Also commonly called high pressure water jets, our high pressure cleaners enables a secure and economical solution of cleaning equipment application.

Using a high pressure washer is more potent than a conventional washer. Using mechanical pressure water, it is able to create a uniform cleaning pattern, cleaning flat surfaces rapidly, resulting in minimal downtime for workplaces. Furthermore, high pressure cleaners are more effective at removing grime, loose paint, mud, mould, dust, and stains on more arduous and challenging to clean surfaces, such as metal rust stains.

Not only is proper hygiene key to prompting initiative and efficiency, but good hygiene habits can also facilitate a more liveable and breathable working environment whilst protecting the health of your employees. This is where Jetmaster’s wet & dry vacuum cleaners come in.

Like ordinary vacuum cleaners, our wet & dry vacuum cleaners remove dust and grime from any area, standing out for their high performance as well as the ability to work continuously for long periods. Using the correct type of vacuum cleaners and pressure washers not only protects the integrity of your materials and floorings but can significantly lengthen its shelf life as well. With our Jetmaster cleaning equipment, you are guaranteed to dramatically save on productivity and material costs in the long run. Should you need more clarity about the types and prices of our high pressure water jets or vacuum cleaners that would best suit your company’s needs, contact our team in Singapore now.


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