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Electric AC Motor in Singapore

Effective from October 2018, all motors sold in Singapore must be registered with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and meet the minimum International Energy Efficiency class 3 (IE3). This new requirement aligns with the international standards to drive the high energy efficiency of electric motors supplied and used in residential and industrial facilities in Singapore.

Extensively used in both domestic and industrial levels, an induction motor or asynchronous motor serves various purposes, such as preventing explosive hazards or coupling with pressure cleaners. Classified according to their efficiency level of those set under the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) mandate, there are four motor categories: IE1, IE2, IE3, and IE4.

Advantages of IE3 Motors in Singapore

Different from standard motors, high-efficiency motors have improvements in their motor design. An induction motor's rotor comes in the form of a squirrel-cage type or wound type. An AC electric motor has an electric current in the rotor, producing torque procured by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding. Without electrical connections to the rotor, an induction motor is made to reduce stator and rotor resistances.

Lying within the Premium Efficiency range, the IE3 motors engineered with advanced technologies reduce motor loss by up to 40% and extend bearing operation life by 2.5 times compared to standard motors. From revolutionary design to the incorporation of coil insulation, adopting high-efficiency motors reduces overall operational costs.

The Top High Efficiency Motor Supplier in Singapore

Prime Mover that’s transforming Electrical to Mechanical movement

At Winston Engineering, we aim to be catalysts in the transformative market, driving towards more efficient motors by manufacturing IE3 motors endorsed by NEA in Singapore. Backed by more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we have sustained our reputation as a trusted high-efficiency motor supplier in Singapore and beyond. Our electric motors supply to power industrial equipment is tested in our first-class facilities to ensure they meet our quality standards for performance and durability. All AC electric motors that we supply meet relevant specifications and international certifications and are well-built for operation under normal and severe operating conditions.


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