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Drum & Container Pump

Drum/Barrel Pumps in Singapore

The best tool to empty or transfer the liquid contents of any container

Drum pumps are used for the purpose of emptying the containers such as drums and tanks of liquid. It is suitable for a wide variety of both industrial and commercial applications. Adaptable and versatile, drum pumps are used in cleaning, food processing, automotive projects, chemical industry, and manufacturing warehouses.

How it works

A drum pump usually consists of a long immersion tube with a motor on one end and a pump on the other. The side of the tube with the pump gets lowered into the barrel, leaving the side with the motor sitting on top of the container. When the motor is activated, it powers the pump on the other end of the shaft, causing the liquid to move upwards. Sometimes, a hand crank is used to operate the drum pump instead.

Aside from removing unwanted liquids, drum pumps can also be used to transfer liquid between containers without the need to pivot or tip it over to remove their contents.

A useful tool for safer liquid removal from any container

The best argument for using a drum pump is that it helps prevent the risks associated with manually handling containers. There is a greatly reduced likelihood of injury, chemical spills, and exposure to toxic fumes due to not having to move the container physically. In addition, they are portable and lightweight.

Quality Drum/Barrel Pumps Supplied In Singapore

Winston Engineering proudly offers a broad range of drum pumps specifically designed for transferring liquids and emptying containers in a safe and cost-efficient manner. Our catalogue includes drum pumps from a variety of suppliers, lengths, and operating mechanisms, ensuring that we can meet a wide variety of container-pumping needs and requirements.

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