Meet our most compact and powerful industrial pressure washer, REVO813. 

Flow rate: 8 L/min

Pressure: 130 bar

Output power: 2.2 kW

Cable & Hose Length: 8m

Box Dimension: L 510 mm X W 260 mm X H 340mm

1 x Pressure Hose
1 x Pressure Gun
1 x Inlet hose kit with quick coupling
1 x Inlet Filter
1 x Quick Connector


1x Jetmaster towel

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Warranty Policy: There will be a 3 months guarantee from date of purchase (this means that if there is any defect/issue that can't be fix, 1-1 exchange can be done within the first 3 months). All Jetmaster products have 1 year warranty, so after the 3 months from date of purchase, if there is any issue with product, customer can send it for servicing with our appointed service vendor. 

It is very rare to see our high pressure washer have defect. 

If so, we reserve the right to review the defect before further action can be taken to prevent misuse/abuse.

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