DAB - Circulation Submersible Pump

The submersible pump NOVA is suitable for automatically operated fixed and portable domestic applications like drainage or lifting water from tanks or rivers, it may be used in automatic version with the floating arm switch.

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Operating range:
from 1 to 16 m3/h, with head up to 10.2 metres.
Pumped liquid characteristics:
dirty water without fibres.
Liquid temperature range:
from 0 °C to +35 °C for domestic use.
Protection level:
IP 68
Insulation class:
Particle size for free passage of solids through the suction grid::
NOVA 180 - NOVA 200 5 mm. NOVA 300 - NOVA 600 10 mm. Minimum draught depth: NOVA 180 A 77 mm NOVA 180 NA - NOVA 200 8 mm NOVA 300 85 mm NOVA 600 A 175 mm NOVA 600 NA 38 mm
Max. immersion depth:
7 metres
Maximum dry run time:
1 minute

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