FLUX - Semi-Auto Drum Emptying System

FLUX progressive cavity pumps (also referred to as eccentric worm-drive pumps) or high viscosity pump cover a wide range of viscosity. From thin, free-flowing liquids like fruit concentrates to thick products like cream & lotions. A big advantage is the smooth flow and gentle handling that is required, especially when pumping shear-sensitive products. Based on your application requirements, FLUX offers sanitary versions in horizontal configurations and vertical (top entry) with 3A Certification or FDA compliant materials of construction.

The drum emptying system VISCOFLUX lite is used to transfer higher-viscosity media which are just capable of flowing out of ISO drums with lid.

In the Ex version it is suitable for the use in hazardous areas of zone 1 and for transferring a wide variety of flammable media (zone 0/1).

The system transports the media gently and continuously. Contact us now!

  • Transfers higher-viscosity substances that are just capable of flowing
  • Designed for ISO lidded drums with an inner diameter of 571.5 mm
  • Residue in the drum less than 1 %
  • Mobile for easy transport to the drum
  • Follower plate seals off the material, airtight
  • The flexible process seal ensures that almost no material remains on the drum wall
  • Eccentric worm-drive pump for gentle transport of the medium with little turbulence and pulsation
  • Combination of pump and motor can be individually adapted to the medium to be transported (modular system)
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up to max. 500.000 mPas
Delivery rate:
max. 50 l/min
Delivery pressure:
max. 8 bar

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