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In many industrial and public sectors, explosion protection or explosion hazards are ever-present, e.g. in the chemicals industry,in refineries, on drilling platforms, at petrol stations, in feed manufacturing and in sewage treatment plants. The risk of explosion is always present when gases, fumes, mist or dust are mixed with oxygen in the air in an explosive ratio close to sources of ignition that are able to release the so-called minimum ignition energy. In the chemical and petrochemical industries in particular, when crude oil and natural gas are transported, or in mining, milling (e.g. grain and granular solids), this can result in serious injury to persons and damage to equipment.

1)Highest explosion group IIC includes IIB and IIA. Optionally with Ex d

connection box (order code K53).

2) 1PQ8 is not possible for Zone 21. Zone 2 and 22 for 1PQ8 available on

request. Utilization according to temperature class 155 (F).

3) See EC type-examination certificate.

4) 1LA8 only available for Zone 22 (order codes M35, M39).

Converter: utilisation as standard according to temperature class 155 (F)

5) The Ex motor is not admissible in an explosive atmosphere of dust and air

(hybrid). A standard is not currently available that describes the product

requirements for a hybrid mixture.

6) 1MB1.1/2: IE1: T140 °C

IE2: T120 °C (exceptions: 1MB1.11-1AD5; 1MB1.21-1AD5) T130 °C

IE3: T120 °C

The explosion-proof motors are used in the following sectors to

prevent explosion hazards that result in serious injury to persons

and severe damage to equipment.

• Chemical and petrochemical industry

• Production of mineral oil and gas

• Gas works

• Gas supply companies

• Petrol stations

• Coking plants

• Mills (e.g. grain, solids)

• Sewage treatment plants

• Wood processing (e.g. sawdust, tree resin)

• Other industries subject to explosion hazards

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