DAB - Integrated Booster System for Commercial Building

Esybox Max is an integrated pumping system for water pressurization in commercial building service. It is composed of modular elements that allow different configurations: single, double, triple or quadruple system are possible, to cover the needs of medium/large condominiums and high buildings (even over 14 floors). Each unit consists of the hydraulic connection base and the pumping unit which includes an electronic vertical multi-impeller pump, display, Wi-Fi module, pressure sensors, non-return valve on delivery and an expansion tank. The innovative support base of the pumping unit and the wireless communication between the pumps make it possible to assemble the unit directly at the installation site (O.S.A. concept) even by one person. The variable frequency drive keeps the pressure constant according to the request and also thanks to the water-cooled permanent magnet motor, it allows greater efficiency, silence and energy savings. Compatible with the DConnect service.

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Operating range:
capacity up to 290 l/min; head up to 113 m.
Liquid temperature range:
from 0°C to +50°C
Vertical fixed position.
Maximum Operating Pressure:
12 bar (1200 kPa).

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