Electric Drum Pumps

Emptying or transferring liquid from drum, barrel or any container

Drum pumps are used to empty the drums, tanks, and barrels. It is suitable for most applications for industrial or even commercial operation. Versatile and adaptable, drum pumps are useful for cleaning, automotive projects, processing plants, food processing plants, chemical companies as well as manufacturing warehouses.

drum pump is usually placed on the upper opening of a barrel or a drum to remove liquids within. It can also be used to transfer liquid from drum to drum within needing to pivot or tip a drum to remove the liquids within.

The main advantage of a drum pump is that it prevents many risks associated with manual handling of containers. This mitigates the risk of injuries, chemical leaks, and toxic fumes. Furthermore, they are also lightweight and portable.
Engineering is proud to offer an extensive range of drum pumps that are specifically designed for transferring liquids and emptying drums and barrels in a cost-efficient and safe manner. Our collection incorporates drum pumps from various suppliers and of different sizes.


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