TAIKO - high vacuum pump Singapore

RR series high vacuum pump are designed with advanced technology. Built with special type of rotor to improve volumetric efficiency.

Widely used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical, fertiliser, steel, metallurgy, oxygen producing, cement, textile, food, paper-making, dusting, aquatic farming, sewage treatment, pneumatic system, and etc.


1) High Volumetric Efficiency

In the circular arc of the rotor, the gas blow through opposite direction in which the rotor are moving will curtailed by backspin flow and significantly increased volumetric efficiency.

2) Oil-Free

The casing and rotor are non-contact, it eliminate the oil as lubrication in the inner casing. 

3) Minimal noise and less vibration

Low noise created due to the wide-spaced teeth, high quality material and teeth sharpened to gear accuracy as it tapered fit makes a precise seal possible.

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