EUROFLO - Vertical In-line Pump

EMV Series

EMV/S/K series are vertical multistage, Stainless Steel construction,

inline pot position with flange designed according to DIN or ANSI 16.5B standard or Victalulic coupling.

Standard pumps are fitted with motor according to IEC,

with motor efficiency Class EF1; EF2 or NEMA frame upon request.

All Pumps are fitted with cartridge type mechanical seal for easy

chage out without removing motor and adapter or the pipes (EMV32 and above)

and Laser Weld impeller for strength and material intagrity(EMV20 and Above)

EILM Series

EILM series vertical in-line centrifugal pump is designed, according to EN733/DIN24255.

The pumps are applicable for clean water, with wide range

of application from water supply, environmental machinery,

irrigation, mines, air-conditioning, fire fighting, and cooling

towers. We have incorporated extra ball bearing near the Mech

Seal to increase stabilities and strength. This allow pumps to

operate at a wider range without affecting the seals and the

motor bearings life due to vibration.

The closed coupled, stub shaft design allows for quick

alignment of motor and pumps, at the same time allowing user

all over the world to use their preferred motor brand purchased

locally. We uses motor according to IEC standard.

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Liquid temperature range:
-10~85 deg c
Maximum ambient temperature:
up to 40 deg c
Insulation class:
TEFC motor
Maximum pressure:
8 bar - 10 bar
Motor Protection Class:


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