ALMATEC - Plastic AODD Pumps

Almatec Plastic AODD Pumps with Solid Design

An important design element for Almatec air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps is a solid-block construction, which is necessary to support the weight of an oscillating pump. With this design, the individual components can be designed so that the required wall thicknesses are arranged where needed. The high-static mass leads to a smooth operation and eliminates the need for unnecessary external metal parts that otherwise would be used for reinforcement. The mechanical machining of a solid plastic block is also economical thanks to modern CNC technology that enables tight tolerances to be achieved. In all Almatec plastic pumps, only German-produced virgin PE and PTFE is used.


The development of the E-Series was based on the extensive experiences with the proven pump models. The solid design with distinctive wall thicknesses, the flange connection capability, the ring tightening structure and more construction features are responsible to meet the customer demands of safety, quality and reliability. Six pump sizes available with optional equipments cover most applications in the market. Pulsation dampeners are available as screw-on and flanged models.

Features and Benefits

  • Air-operated diaphragm pumps in solid design
  • Housing made of PE or PTFE, both also available in a conductive version
  • Interchangeability to the previous A-Series
  • Six sizes from DN 8 to DN 50
  • Max. capacities of 0.9 to 35 m³/h
  • Increased pump safety due to innovative ring-tightening structure


The Almatec® C-Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pump is a cost-effective, reliable and superior-built alternative and features a solid design suitable for a wide array of pumping tasks.

The suction and discharge ports are available as separate housing parts. In addition to the standard connection, two further connection foot-prints are available to match existing installations. The ring tightening structure, good suction head, self-priming and dry run capability as well as the absence of drives, rotating parts and shaft seals are further features

Features and Benefits

  • Available in five sizes: C 10 (3/8"), C 15 (1/2"), C 25 (1"), C 40 (1-1/2"), and C 50 (2").
  • Reliable Almatec solid-design construction
  • Manifolds as separate housing parts


Almatec® CXM Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps are general-purpose pumps designed for low- to medium-duty applications and to operate as drum pumps.

Thanks to the pump’s modular design, CXM Series is available with seven different product connections – four sizes with NPT connections and three sizes with BSP connections. The NPT pump sizes 10, 20, 50 and 130 can be changed by rotating the center block. The product connections of the BSP pumps sizes 25, 55 and 135 are located on the face side of the pump. This wide range of product connections allows a precise adjustment of the pump to the specific application.

Features and Benefits

  • Flow optimizations in the product channels ensure high performance and gentle pumping
  • Can be easily be converted from ball to cylinder valves, and vice versa
  • Machined PE conductive construction with ATEX and FDA conformity
  • Self-priming and dry running

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