WILDEN - Specialty Series

Wilden’s Specialty Series Pumps are uniquely designed for specific markets and applications where a standard diaphragm pump won’t meet the performance needs.

Wilden® Saniflo™ Hygienic™ Series Pumps for Hygienic and Sanitary Applications

Saniflo™ Hygienic™ Series (HS) Pumps are uniquely designed for high-cleanliness requirements and feature a free-draining flow path that enables clean-in-place (CIP) capability. The HS flow-through liquid-path design also eliminates any potential areas where product residue can be trapped and contaminate the product. They are perfect for low-acid, pasteurized and protein-based products all the way up to biopharmaceutical sterile processes. HS pumps also meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry, including 3A, ATEX, EC 1935/2004 and FDA CFR 21.177.

·         Free-draining flow path for CIP capability

·         Easy assembly with self-centering ball cages

·         Permanent or rotatable stand for cleaning

·         Multiple valve options: ball, mushroom, or flap for different application requirements

·         Shear sensitive

·         Greater flow - more gallons pumped per SCFM

Wilden® High-Pressure Series Pumps for High-Pressure Applications

Wilden® High-Pressure Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Metal Pumps are equipped with a specialty air distribution system (ADS) that utilizes a double-acting power piston and Duplex technology to intensify fluid discharge pressure. Wilden high-pressure pumps reliably deliver the pressure performance of up to 20.7 bar (300 psig), making them perfect for a wide variety of high-pressure duties, including filtration, chemical sludge transfer and other viscous, solid-laden slurries.

·         Simplex and Duplex technology available (depending on size)

·         Industry's only 3" high-pressure pump

·         Builds up to 300 psi discharge pressure

·         Built-in internal pressure amplifier with limited external piping for more robust design

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