The Edge Of Smart Pumping: How It Optimises Sewer Networks

19 May 2022
Almost every country in the world is facing sewage and water problems. Learn how smart pumping technology can solve these problems by optimising sewer networks.

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) - 2022

27 April 2022
The Expo Water @ SIWW exhibition ended successfully, we appreciate customers who took their precious time to stop by our booth, and we hope you liked the sharing session with our team. We are also glad that we were...

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Solar Water Pumps

26 April 2022
Solar water pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for water pumping these days. Find out the pros and cons of using this latest pumping technology.

6 Factors to Achieving Sustainability in Pumping Technology

14 April 2022
In the last decade or so, the construction sector has seen the emergence of sustainable technologies that contribute to the environment and their bottom line.

Capability And Versatility Of Regenerative Turbine Pumps

25 March 2022
Read on to understand the capability and versatility of regenerative turbine pumps, and how to choose the right pump to use for specific applications.

What To Know About The 2 Most Commonly Used Compressors

9 March 2022
Different compressors can be used, depending on the user’s preference and needs. Learn more about the two main types of compressors used to power equipment.

5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Submersible Pump

16 February 2022
Submersible dewatering pumps play a crucial role in several industrial applications such as construction. Here are the main considerations when selecting one.

5 Vital Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Vacuum Pump

3 February 2022
Vacuum pumps come in a wide range of types for different applications. Discover the vital questions buyers should ask to ensure that they buy the right pump.

A Guide To Minimising Pumping Costs For Water Facilities

19 January 2022
Water facilities usually spend so much on their pumping systems. Learn how they can reduce the costs of their pumps through various energy-saving measures.

Custom Pump Solutions: Its Advantages Over Ready-Made Pumps

4 January 2022
Ready-made pumps are believed to be better than custom pump solutions. Let us debunk this for you and share why businesses should consider going custom instead.


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