ANNOVI - Plunger Pump

3-piston alternating volumetric pumps for use on cleaning units and industrial systems.

  • Can be coupled to various types of motors, directly or with flexible joint.
  • Pump body and cover in die-cast aluminium alloy.
  • Rear cover with oil drain outlet, or incorporate oil sight glass.
  • Pistons driven by crank-connecting rod mechanism.
  • Pump shaft in pressed high-strength steel.
  • Oversized friction bearings.
  • Connecting rods in die-cast special low-friction zinc-aluminium alloy.
  • Bronze connecting rods available.
  • One-piece ceramic pistons.
  • Pump head in pressed brass.
  • Double gasket sealing system.
  • Pump head internal components may be in different materials depending on application.
  • Intake and delivery valves have plugs for easier maintenance.
  • Various regulator valves and accessories can be connected to the pump head.
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Operating range:
Flow: 11-15 l/min, Pressure: 120-170 bar
Pumped liquid characteristics:
clear water
Liquid temperature range:
Max. liquid temperature 60°C
Maximum ambient temperature:

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