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Dosing pumps, also known as chemical injection pumps, are often the go-to solution for accurate metering and transferring of fluids and substances. Often referred to as metering pumps, they are designed to deliver a defined volume of liquid to fluid streams or vessels at precise flow rates. Its pump setting can be altered to achieve the greatest metering accuracy when dosing or chemical injection is required. A perfect solution for handling the transfer fluids in fixed doses and other high viscosity applications, metering pumps are commonly used in chemical, cosmetic, water, and other industries where the ability to control flow rate is pivotal to operations. Browse some of the metering pumps we have available below or get in touch with our team in Singapore directly to discuss how we can meet your needs.


The plunger L series pump is designed to withstand flow rates up to 5.500 lt (1.210 gph) and pressures up to 500 barg (7.252 psi) in a single-head configuration. It is supreme for use in industrial applications with gruelling processes such as catalysts dosing, high-pressure boiler feed and scale and corrosion inhibitors dosing. Manufactured to match up to the greatest standards in the metering industry, the modular design of this positive return plunger pump allows it to be used with a variety of heads to meet your dosing needs perfectly. The separate oil reservoirs ensure steady and accurate output whilst reducing the threat of oil contaminating the process liquid.


  • Up to 500 barg or 7.252 psi of working pressure

  • Flow rate from 0,2 to 5.500 l/h (0,04 to 1.210 gph)

  • PVC liquid end and AISI 316

  • Coated cast iron encasement and chemically resistant 316 and PVC liquid end



The XL’s are suitable for highly demanding 24/7 industrial applications due to their robust and error-free single-block positive return hydraulic diaphragm pumps. Manufactured following the API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE standards, these metering pumps comprised a mechanically actuated self-replenishing hydraulic system, an air purge valve, and a relief valve. With these properties used together, not only do you have a protected pump system, the entire dosing system is safeguarded against damages as a result of overpressures while affording proper chemical dosing regardless of conditions.


  • Flow rate starting from 63 to 1500 l/h (13,8 to 330 gph)

  • Up to 20 barg or 290 psi of working pressure

  • Coated cast iron encasement and chemically resistant

  • PVDF, PVC, HAST C liquid end, PP, and AISI 316



The combination of unequalled robustness, metering accuracy and lowered footprint presents the ideal solution - the L X9 hydraulic double-diaphragm pump - for its wide variety of industrial dosing procedures in Singapore and internationally. Its multi-head design allows it to meet any dosing need. The purge valve with a built-in safety feature  guarantees chemical dosing and a continuous suction lift irrelevant to working circumstances. At the same time, the positive return mechanism (lost motion) accords high reliability and durability. Finally, the L X9 pumps have a system that is able to detect a diaphragm rupture, and fulfils the API675 and ATEX 2014/34/UE standards.


  • Flow rate starting from 0,4 to 3.730 l/h (0,1 to 820 gph))

  • Up to 300 barg or 4.350 psi of working pressure

  • Coated cast iron encasement and chemically resistant

  • PVDF, PVC, HAST C liquid end, PP, and AISI 316

Metering Pumps in Singapore

For maximum accuracy and reliability

At Winston Engineering, we recognise the importance accuracy plays when moving substances or liquids under controlled conditions. Our team is thus dedicated to designing dosing pumps that offer the best accuracy. Setting the standard for safety and reliability, our robust systems will maximise your operations. Get more information about our metering technology and range of applications today.

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