Difference Between Hot Water And Cold Water Pressure Washers

Posted on15/03/2023
Difference Between Hot Water And Cold Water Pressure Washers

High-pressure washers are quite in-demand these days. They are powerful tools spraying water at high pressures to clean large, sturdy surfaces, such as roads, buildings, automobiles, and equipment. They can also be used during disaster cleanups when the risk of injury is high. Generally, high-pressure washers are now among the most suitable solutions for various outdoor cleaning activities.

There are different types of high-pressure washers, including hot water and cold water pressure washers. These pressure washer types have unique benefits and are ideal for various applications.

Read on to better understand the difference between hot and cold water high-pressure washers.

What is a hot water pressure washer?

As its name implies, a hot water pressure washer uses hot water to eliminate grime, dirt, and other debris from surfaces. Hot water pressure washers are considered more effective at removing stubborn dirt and dismantling tough stains. They are also ideal for sanitising surfaces. Usually, commercial and industrial consumers are the ones who opt for hot water pressure washers due to the kind of jobs they must handle.

Here are the most common applications of hot water high-pressure washers: 

  •       Eliminating weeds, mould, and mildew
  •       Removing salt
  •       Stripping paint
  •       Cleaning stubborn dirt stains
  •       Cleaning oil and grease stains
  •       Cleaning concrete surfaces

How does a hot water pressure washer operate? 

Hot water pressure washers function by having the water pass through a heating element that heats the water to a high temperature, providing it with more cleaning power. A detergent is then mixed with this hot water, spraying the resulting mixture onto the surface that requires cleaning. The detergent and hot water work together to break down stains and eliminate dirt.

What is a cold water pressure washer? 

Cold water pressure washers are the opposite of hot water pressure washers. A cold water high-pressure washer essentially uses cold water. It is ordinarily utilised for jobs that do not require hot water, such as removing grime and dirt and cleaning hard surfaces. This type of pressure washer is also better for surfaces that can buckle with heat, like wood decks. Cold water pressure washers are the most common pressure washers on the market and are what most homeowners prefer to use.

Here are the most suitable applications of cold water pressure washers:

  •       Washing automobiles
  •       Cleaning driveways
  •       Cleaning patios and decks
  •       Cleaning house siding
  •       Cleaning dust, dirt, and caked-on mud

How does a cold water pressure washer operate?

A cold water pressure washer uses pressurised water to eliminate grime, dirt, and other debris from surfaces. The pressure of the water is the one that does all the work, so the need for hot water is totally dispensed with. The measure of water pressure is pounds per square inch (PSI). Basically, the higher the PSI, the more pressure the washer has. Usually, cold water pressure washers have PSIs of around 1500 to 3000.


The principal difference between hot water and cold water pressure washers lies in the way they operate and their applications. Each of these types of pressure washer has its unique advantages. Determining which is best to use depends on the job you need to do. If you are trying to eliminate a tough stain, you will need to use a hot water pressure washer. On the other hand, when cleaning a delicate surface, a cold water pressure washer is usually the better choice.

Suppose you need clarification as to which type of pressure washer is ideal. In that case, it is always best to seek the advice of a professional knowledgeable in high-pressure washers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners in Singapore. With that said, regardless of which pressure washer type you use, read carefully and follow all the instructions and safety guidelines.


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